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Back to the B3

A Slice of Heaven

Smokin' George Winters Bio

George plays keyboard, guitar, harmonica and also sings. The son of a Hammond B3 organ salesman, George got his musical start very early in life. As a child he would entertain the audience during intermission in the local theater by playing the organ.

George has produced five compact disc recordings. The first, entitled "The Seed" was completed in 1994 and was recorded in less than two hours. "The Seed" was picked up by major retailers in Michigan, including Harmony House, prompting some local success. George's second effort, "Rhythm," released in 1998, is comprised mostly of original music with instrumentation including the Hammond B3, drums, bass, guitar and piano.

His love of the dueling pianos concept also began in 1998 at JD's Key Club in Pontiac, MI and continues to this day. You can see George at select Dueling Pianos clubs - just click on "show dates" on his web page for a complete schedule.

With the release of his fifth CD, "Back to the B3" George hopes to put his music into more hands than ever, using the internet medium to deliver his creations. "Back to the B3" will be available soon from online retailers such as iTunes, or you can order directly from this website.

Ordering George's Music

Back to the B3 - George's new CD features the sounds of the iconic Hammond B3 organ. This instrumental CD is performed to some of George's favorite cover tunes.

A Slice of Heaven - Featuring the rich voice of Michael McGown on lead vocals.

Hot Keys - Exactly what you'd expect from the name. "Hot Keys" features screaming piano and hammond solos from George along with accompianment from a backing band.

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